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I find the best way to watch it is the recorded version after the event, when you can fast-forward through replays of Carmina Burna, Cheryl’s ‘concerned’ face and platitudes like “I am born to do this”. It’s a combination between the shocking band names (Husstle, Princes and Rogues and One Direction are among my favourites), […]

And on that subject … let’s have a clip of the best teen drama ever produced (Heartbreak High a close second). Why not eh. For old time’s sake. I’d taped the episode and I remember watching it and then pressing rewind for this last clip again and again like the soppy teenager I was. The […]

Daria on DVD


MTV have just released all five series featuring of Daria on DVD, which means I don’t have to watch it on YouTube anymore. It’s probably as exciting as when my dad gave me the My So Called Life boxset. In a similar acerbic way as Ghostworld’s smart one liners (most memorable being Enid’s darkly comic ”He better watch out or […]