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“The world seems to contain many individual objects, both physical, like apples, and abstract such as love and the number 3.” (Wikipedia entry on metaphysics) My boyfriend isn’t bothered by anniversaries; he’d say that they’re arbitrary measures of time, are dates exploited by cynical marketers to force meaning on the unimaginative. 365 days is resonant […]

At my age, all you do is watch box sets and go to weddings, and soon you start to notice how the details of nearly all (Western hetero) weddings are wedged close together, Venn diagram style (see artsy Pinterest fans, right, on the urban vintage French artisan end of the scale). It can start to feel like […]

“So the brides know what they want. They also know what they do not want. They do not want to be themselves on their wedding day. Who does? And if not then, when? They want longer hair, whiter teeth and thinner bodies; the ghost of Cheryl Cole, Beautiful Woman 2011, is shouting at them.” Tanya […]