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“Life is a hospital in which every patient is obsessed with changing beds. This one wants to suffer in front of the radiator, and this one thinks he’d get better if he was by the window.” – Charles Baudelaire Contemporary central Vesterbro apartment Casa do Largo – 2 br Alfama Castelo in Lisbon A beautiful […]

I have been thinking about how it is almost impossible to convey anything about your life without it doing some small violence to other people. Nowhere is this more evident than pregnancy, birth or motherhood, where saying or writing things as factual as “I didn’t have any drugs during birth”, “the birth was actually ok”, “my baby […]

At a conference recently I saw a presentation by a man who spoke with no notes for 45 minutes over a series of pre-recorded sounds. He had to tailor his talk around the noise, knowing what would come next, fitting his words into the time allotted by the previous sound – the coo of a mother […]

It’s all I have to bring to-day This, and my heart beside, This, and my heart, and all the fields, And all the meadows wide. – Emily Dickinson I spend too much time planning, so that sometimes even when I am in the middle of some very pleasant experience I start to plan another pleasant experience so […]

I went to Kenya when I was younger and we’d go on these night-time game drives, chasing after animals in the dark. In the headlights of the truck we could see the hind legs of creatures jumping out of the way of tyres, and the dry plants of the bush moving like a flick-book in […]

As we all know, the kids lost it this week. A small number of them annihilated parts of the country and everyone emerged into the light, blinking, gobsmacked, picking up debris and wondering why. Journalists’ fingers are bleeding and Tory politicians are about to explode with ire, the kind of ire your mum had when […]

If you’ve followed the events of the last few days on the frenetic shape shifter that is Twitter, you will know of the highs, lows and sheer conjection of the #riots hashtag. The mood soars as you hear of 1000s gathering for clean up operations, shops and pubs staying open defiantly and people making tea […]

n. 1. The act of expressing joy or acknowledgment, as for the achievement or good fortune of another. 2. An expression of such joy or acknowledgment. Often used in the plural: sent him my congratulations on winning the award. I got all hot and bothered the other day when someone announced they’d got engaged, and […]

On Sunday I picked my way through Broadway market, squeezing through packs of roaming, apolitical scenesters temporarily removed from their media nodes and flicking Meow Meow off my shoes towards the lovely Fabrications. After I’d rekindled my soul (they have a way of sucking it out of you, Dementor-style) I sat down for a few […]