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Frances Ha


**CONTAINS SPOILERS** (well one actually, i.e. the end) I could watch Frances Ha running through the streets of New York forever. How perfect to see her running free. Germaine Greer said she hated high heels because they constrain you, and there is nothing that quite matches a symbol of freedom as running towards something (she was partly […]

Life is so ridiculously gorgeous, strange, heartbreaking, horrific etc that we are compelled to describe it to ourselves, but we can’t! We cannot do it! And so we make art. Miranda July is probably the coolest woman in the world, and a disgustingly high achiever. Her website tells us that she is a filmmaker, artist, and […]

Summer’s often a time of ropey blockbusters, but I am seriously pumped about two cinematic treats coming up. Bridesmaids – written by and starring the super and beautiful Kristen Wiig (her 2 min cameo on Knocked Up is one of the best moments in the film – “we can’t legally ask you to lose weight”), with its […]

This review also appears at Oh England, England. Weren’t you great in 1968, when the mini skirt was born, the working classes were hard-working folk with spotless kitchens, and work chums staggered home giggling across the peaceful estate after a right old knees up in the bar. Women cycled into work beaming before embarking on […]

Winter’s Bone


Like last year’s excellent Frozen River directed by Courtney Hunt, Winter’s Bone is another example of a female director – in this case Deborah Grahnik – making a brilliant independent film that goes beyond the tired parameters of Hollywood standards that joyless tripe like Valentine’s Day and The Ugly Truth revel in so profitably. You […]



What happens when you are a prisoner and you don’t know it? Unfamiliar with any of society’s real norms, the teenagers in Dogtooth – they aren’t given names by their parents but just referred to as ‘the eldest’ or ‘the youngest’ – are given new ones by their parents, and make the rest up. The salt on […]

I Am Love


No surprise that Tilda Swinton is flawless as ever in this astonishing film. Seeing her come alive through the transformation of a love affair (a classic one: passionate and impossible) is as beautiful and sudden as when grief comes knocking, awake like a blackbird and violent in its reach. Each frame looks like it could have taken years to build; […]

Roll with it


Roller derby is the big new thing, if you’re hardcore enough. The sport originated in the US but there’s a London Roller Girl league – check out the video above featuring some inspiring, tough, tattooed women. The vague aim is to shove opposing players off the track, and it looks unbelievably fun. League organisers stress […]