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There’s a lot of reasons why people love yoga and on the internet everyone seems to go on about it, and in real life too, and I imagine if I didn’t already do yoga, I would not want to hear any more about it. I am sometimes one of those people who blathers on as […]



I rarely write about fat politics because I am thin (relatively). It would feel a bit like taking an authoritative tone on race issues or poverty, just like when The Help solved racism. Still, I’ve been thinking about the sums that go on in women’s heads when it comes to eating, partly reawakened by learning that […]

In a move which makes air-brushing look old hat, H&M announced that the bodies of the models on their website are not real women. Instead they are computer-generated, with real heads airbrushed on. It is one hell of a post-modern twist. Reality – even a skewed, marginal one – is no longer enough. Super skinny […]

Stories are like paintings, giving colour to words’ bare bones. Such stories are in no short supply on the websites Hollaback London and ASH campaign. These are not happy stories. They are not the soothing stuff of bedtime. “When I turned away from him, he grabbed me by my ponytail.” “Waiting to cross the road, […]



I’m not aware of any systematic historical knicker review, but it’s safe to say that knickers have been getting smaller. Nor could I pinpoint the age the consolidation of hate for the hair on our body reaches its pinnacle. The conditioning soaks in over the years, until it feels natural to look and shudder. In […]

Which may well be due to falling standards in my personal appearance, but that is by the by. Anyway, the other day someone did, in a van, and beeped, and kind of shouted ‘wa hey’ like I was taking part in a wet t-shirt competition instead of walking to the shops at lunchtime in jeans […]

The man on the train has creamy skin and the darkest eyes. The boy on the bike the other day was loose-limbed with easy grace, wet hair and clothes thrown on. Dark hair and brown arms from the sun. He looked at me looking at him. There isn’t much space in public life to talk […]