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“our minds reshape these memories, sending them through a rose-tinted filter that redefines them as “good times”. Experiences … can be reconstructed in our minds to seem better than they were, because they represent periods in our life that are now gone forever.” – (BBC science and nature article) What is more English than a village […]

“It all started because I was thinking about Antigone, the girl from Sophocles Theban plays … what I think I remember is her saying something like: being alive is nothing, it’s trivial, compared to all the not-being-alive we did before we were born and the not-being-alive we’ll do after we’re dead.” (Ali Smith, Artful) I […]

The British Museum is always the best place for marvelling at artefacts that have been crafted thousands of years ago and have lasted through so much of history. Impossible not to feel a sense of wonder. The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsmen is a tribute to all the unknown craftspeople who came before artists like Grayson […]