Frances Ha


**CONTAINS SPOILERS** (well one actually, i.e. the end)

I could watch Frances Ha running through the streets of New York forever.


How perfect to see her running free. Germaine Greer said she hated high heels because they constrain you, and there is nothing that quite matches a symbol of freedom as running towards something (she was partly wrong; most things are fine in moderation.)


Frances Ha shows us something that used to be fairly rare in film and TV, a three-dimensional woman who’s ultimate concern isn’t finding a man. It breezes through the Bechdel test. Frances is adorable in a quirky indie way without being nauseating (take note Zach Braff), clever and funny and unpunctual and unsuccessful, making bad decision after bad decision as 27 year olds are wont to do.


And it’s a love story about female friendship (FINALLY), about how close friends go out of orbit but the best ones zoom back in, making you remember why you love them. “Who are you making eyes at?” asks Frances’ dance teacher, and we expect her to look over at the cute, male, potential love interest. “That’s Sophie,” she says, and gazes at the girl across the room.

Frances Ha is out in the UK on 27 July


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