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The British Museum is always the best place for marvelling at artefacts that have been crafted thousands of years ago and have lasted through so much of history. Impossible not to feel a sense of wonder. The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsmen is a tribute to all the unknown craftspeople who came before artists like Grayson […]

In a move which makes air-brushing look old hat, H&M announced that the bodies of the models on their website are not real women. Instead they are computer-generated, with real heads airbrushed on. It is one hell of a post-modern twist. Reality – even a skewed, marginal one – is no longer enough. Super skinny […]

These are some of my books. I didn’t curate this picture, honestly; I even left the self-help book in. I would like more time to read and re-read them, and the other piles I have, and the still more piles which keep getting bought before the other ones are read. But time is in short […]

Hunter S. Thompson learnt to write by retyping great American novels – Hemingway, Steinbeck. He wanted to get inside their language and reconstruct his own. The writer Carrie Oeding calls this retyping of books, the learning of a craft from scratch, ‘an “I had no idea what I was doing” confession’. I think I can write […]