Summer movies whoooop


Summer’s often a time of ropey blockbusters, but I am seriously pumped about two cinematic treats coming up.

Bridesmaids – written by and starring the super and beautiful Kristen Wiig (her 2 min cameo on Knocked Up is one of the best moments in the film – “we can’t legally ask you to lose weight”), with its startling premise that women can be funny, looks like a smart comedy about women in the Whip It! (which Wiig was also in) vein. Anything that shows a fictional version of women where we are portrayed as neither Martha Stewart or Samantha from SATC is a start, at least.

Bridesmaids looks set to make the list of films I wish I could have seen when I was young, and working out how to be a. a girl and b. smart and funny. It’s surprising how little helpful material is out there.

Secondly Jane Eyre, featuring Mia Wasikowska (who played Alice in Wonderland but was also amazing as a damaged teen in HBO’s In Treatment) and Michael Fassbender. Like he does with lots of ladies, I hear, he makes me go VERY funny in my tummy. And other areas. Can’t wait for this – a smouldering Mr Rochester and a great Jane.

For the other side of the Jane Eyre story, Jean Rhys’s 1968 novel Wide Sargasso sea shouldn’t be missed.


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