Tavi is a cool bean


I was scared when I read about the “13 year old fashion blogger taking the fashion world by storm”, in the way that I am scared of all precocious children, like the ones that DJ at festivals when they’re 12 and generally outdo me.

Turns out Tavi is a dude though, and her Style Rookie blog  is great (thought I’d give her a link, she only gets a 100,000 hits a week) for these reasons:

1. She dresses like a little old lady, if little old ladies were more stylish than you could ever dream.

2. If she writes her blog (and there’s been some doubt as it’s so good), she is a super writer with some killer lines – “I wish I was Daria but I get too excited about things like candy to be deadpan all the time.” I can identify with this; I dream about being mardier and edgier but cannot disguise my joy at muesli, Kirsty and Phil, my dungarees  and so on.

3. She also describes herself as a “13-year-old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats”. Now, I can ALSO identify with this as I enjoy putting outfits on without actually planning on leaving the house, and my preferred activities include deadheading my marigolds and secretly listening to Journey in my flat (OK YES, what I am saying is that I think Tavi and I would probably be best friends if we met and, when – yes when – she reads this I imagine she will realise it too.)

4. Her blog is of the ‘fashion as art’ school just like Susie Bubble’s, not one of the ‘OMG Miu Miu’s new collection is like sooooo cute!!’

5. She is fighting against the sexist, unethical, brutal, idiotic dorks in the industry – read her open letter to Seventeen magazine taking them down for their contribution to a culture where “teenage girls are expected to value beauty over all else” and her rant against photographer Terry Richardson.


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