Progressive Women Summer Party


I LOVE Progressive Women because:

a. they could be a post-rock band

b. their name wants me to start singing Cast off the shackles of yesterday! Shoulder to shoulder into the fray! etc.

c. they put on a night entitled ‘are you a secret feminist?’ run by Progressive Women.

Fact: 90% of women agree with feminist principles (read equality between men and women in the workplace, shared parenting and so on). But only 25% of women feel comfortable describing themselves as feminists. Nights like this, with great speakers Catherine Redfern, Kristin Aune, Kat Banyard and Amy Jenkins, hopefully go some way to persuading men and women that it isn’t such a dirty word. What was also fascinating was that the three words that women in a study associated with feminism were: unfeminine, man-hating and … lesbian. I suppose this isn’t that surprising but I was still speechless, because naively I assume that most people don’t buy into these stereotypes. I stand corrected. My favourite bit of the night was the discussion around what you say when people ask you if you’re a feminist. ‘I say no’, said one beautiful young woman. ‘I say I’m a raging feminist.’


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