Josie Long @ Hen and Chickens

Josie Long

Last night we went to watch this show, and it was a shambolic delight.

Starting with a lovely section on how losing weight didn’t make her feel as fulfilled as she thought it would, Josie went on to talk about mental people on Flickr and pinpoint the apathy on the streets of east London better than anyone I’ve heard. The problem with all those is hipsters is that they’re all hair and no soul. What happened to artists with a political conscience? Now the only way to express ourselves is through a bloody blog (yes, I know).

It’s easy to get caught up in working on what you like (if I handbake some organic cookies and enjoy obscure novels and revel in fashion is it enough, is it enough?) and not what you are like – whether you do good or not. I suppose the danger with focusing on appearances and spend spend spending is that it isn’t enough: it detracts us from stuff matters more, and getting up off our arses and doing something.

How refreshing to hear a charming, funny young woman say: yes I’m a feminist and yes I have a problem with Page 3. The most enjoyable illustration on how politics matter and how small everyday acts make a difference since Daniel Kitson.


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